Used 2006 Chevrolet C7500 Cutaway Truck For Sale In Coudersport PA

2006 Chevrolet C7500 Cutaway
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Key Info

Summit White
Very Dark Pewter
Fuel Type:
5-Speed Automatic
Cab Type:
Standard Cab

Vehicle Description

12' Box, 2D Standard Cab, I6, RWD. Summit White 2006 Chevrolet C7500 Cutaway RWD 5-Speed Automatic with Overdrive I6 Recent Arrival! Where Customers Send Their Friends!

Vehicle Details

Truck application NOTE: Federal Excise Tax (FET) of 12% must be paid on the final selling price for trucks with GVWR's of 33,001 lbs. and above. Trucks that are used primarily to tow a trailer may be liable to Federal Excise Tax (FET) - check with IRS for guidelines.
Engine, Vortec 8100 MD gasoline V8, 295 hp (220 kw) @ 3600 rpm, 440 lb-ft (594 N-m) torque @ 3,200 rpm. - Maximum engine speed 4000 rpm with KZX air compressor and 4,200 rpm without KZX. Oil Level Sensor: Warning sensor for low oil levels
Underhood air cleaner restriction gauge
Air cleaner, dry-type standard filter element (Gasoline engines only)
Road Speed Governor, controlled by the speed rating of the tires ordered. All vehicles with 19.5" tire sizes and with most 22.5" and 24.5" tires have speed governed to a maximum of 75 mph (120 kph). A few aggressive tire tread patterns may have lower maximum speed ratings that limit governed speed to 65 or 55 mph - see tire company specifications for details.
Alternator, AD244, Delco-Remy 150-amp maximum (Requires gasoline engine)
Battery, single, 600 CCA, Delphi Freedom 12V. - 115-minute reserve capacity @ 27 degrees C, 600 CCA @ -18 degrees C, (Gasoline engines only)
Exhaust system, single horizontal - driver side mounted inside frame rail, (Stainless steel with gasoline engines and aluminized steel with diesel engines)
Option PTO not required - This option should only be ordered when a customer specifically does not require an electric hand throttle for use with power-take-off provisions. (Note: Deletes transmission PTO gear with Allison MTX 2200HS, MTY 2300HS, and MWP 2500HS Series transmissions.)
Transmission, automatic, Allison 2300 (Close Ratio) Series 5-speed - with 0.71 over drive. Torque rating: 550 lb-ft (745 N-m), 33,000 lbs. (15,000 kg) maximum GVWR/GCWR. Includes transmission oil cooler in radiator, increased cooling and column shift. No Parking pawl available. Transmission does not include internal power-take-off gear unless option PTO is specified. With Option PTX, the truck will be equipped with the Allison 2300HS Highway Series transmission. When ordered with option PTO, the truck will be equipped with the Allison 2300RDS Rugged Duty Series transmission. (Requires RQ2 truck application, LRZ gasoline engine and HPK, HPL, HPM, HPN, HPP or H15 rear axles) (Requires JE3 hydraulic brakes with HPK rear axle)
Front axle, 10,000 lbs. (4536 kg) capacity - Up to 53 degree turn angle
Front suspension, tapered leaf, 10,000 lbs. (4536 kg) capacity
Front wheels, 22.5" x 7.5" (58.9 cm x 19 cm), steel disc - Accuride 10-hole, flange nut, hub piloted, 11.25" (28.5 cm) bolt circle, painted Gray (E- Coat), 13,220 lbs. (5996 kg) capacity, (Requires QH4 rear wheel) (N/A with FL3 front axle)
Front tire size, 245/75R22.5G - 9350 lbs. (4241 kg) capacity, (With R4A Goodyear, R3C rear premium tread; With R4N Bridgestone R3B front all season tread) (N/A with Michelin)
Front tire manufacturer code, Goodyear (Requires S4A Goodyear)
Front tire tread, premium highway
Rear axle, single-speed, Dana 19060S, 19,000 lbs. (8618 kg) capacity - includes 75W-90 synthetic lubricant and National brand oil seals (Requires GN0, GN2, GN8, GR9, GP1, GP0 or G40 rear suspension) (N/A with FL3 front axle)
Rear wheel drive
Rear axle ratio, 7.17:1 (Requires HPK, HPL, HPN, HPP or HPT single speed rear axle or HPM, H15 two-speed rear axle)
Rear suspension, multi-leaf, 19,000 lbs. (8618 kg) capacity (Requires HPK or HPL single rear axle or HPM two-speed rear axle)
Rear wheels, 22.5" x 7.5" (58.9 cm x 19 cm), steel disc - Accuride 10-hole, flange nut, hub piloted, 11.25" (28.5 cm) bolt circle, painted Gray (E-Coat) 26,440 lbs. (11,993 kg) capacity, (Requires HPK, HPL, HPN, HPP or HPT single speed rear axle, or HPM, H15 or H25 two-speed rear axle) (Not available with YWM, YWP or YRN 22.5" rear tires)
Rear tire size, 245/75R22.5G - 17,640 lbs. (8001 kg) capacity (With S4A Goodyear, S3C rear premium tread or S3H rear highway traction tread; With S4N Bridgestone S3B front all season tread) (N/A with Michelin)
Rear tire manufacturer code, Goodyear (Requires R4A Goodyear)
Rear tire tread, premium highway
Wheelbase, 140" (355.6 cm) - with 72" (182.9 cm) CA and 135.3" (343.7 cm) CE.
Frame, painted semi-gloss black 6mm rail - 50,000 psi (344,750 kPa) yield strength, steel frame, SAE J1392-050XLK steel, dimensions 9 1/2" x 3" x 1/4" section modulus 9.58 cu. in., RBM 479,000
Fuel tank, single, 50-gallon (189.2L) fuel capacity - driver side, steel top tread plate, sump, drain and steps under cab on front passenger side. Provides clean back of cab.
Brake system, hydraulic, split - with 4-channel ABS disc-type Bosch Hydro Max high performance booster, tandem master cylinder provides independent front and rear circuits, front and rear disc Meritor calipers: 15 3/8" (391mm) rotor diameter, 1 1/2" (39.1 mm) rotor thickness with (4) 2 1/2" (64 mm) diameter pistons with 8,000 lb. (3629 kg) front axle, (70 mm) diameter pistons with 10,000 lb. (4536 kg) front axle
Parking brake, hand lever operated transmission mounted drum brake
Bumpers, front steel, painted argent - Bumper thickness 3.9 mm
Windows, Solar-Ray tinted - all windows
Horn, single electric mounted inside engine compartment
Positive door stops
Exterior roof drip moldings
Roof marker lamps
Front mud flaps
Provisions for mounting front license plate
Integral grille and fenders - The grille is the same color as hood with single halogen headlamps. Entry steps under cab doors are based upon fuel tank type
Windshield wipers, 2-speed and intermittent, with pulse washers
Daytime running lamps
Mirror, manual, 102" (259 cm) wide load, integral arm, integral convex mirror - black molded composite 12" x 7" (30.5cm x 17.8 cm) with 6" x 7" (15.2cm x 17.8cm) convex section
Paint, solid, upper color, Summit White
Paint, solid, lower color, Summit White
Stepwell storage areas at each door. Includes storage cover
Molded vinyl floor covering
Vinyl door trim panels - with storage pockets, beverage holders, and reflectors
Two sided single common key for doors and ignition
Headlamp warning buzzer
Sunshades, passenger side and driver side, vinyl-covered
Tachometer with automatic and manual transmissions
Electronic engine hour meter
Steering, power - ZF variable ratio power
Gauges, low oil pressure and coolant level, high coolant and engine oil temperature
Engine "Check gauges" telltale light and buzzer, oil pressure gauge
Powerpoints - two in-cab power sources (in addition to optional cigarette lighter) for electrical plug-in accessories
Underhood bodybuilder connections accessory power supply - Provides 12V power supply from the battery with two separate 30 amp fused circuits
Air conditioning not desired - this option should be ordered only when a customer does not require air conditioning
Seat, driver, high-back bucket, Fixed height, manual adjuster - storage in the seat riser with a small lip at the front to help prevent contents from sliding out.
Seat, passenger, high-back bucket, Fixed height, manual back angle adjuster - storage in the seat riser with a small lip at the front to stop contents from sliding out
Provisions for stereo - Includes AM/FM antenna, lead wiring for speakers, and separate door chime module (N/A with ZQ2 driver convenience package)
Interior trim, Very Dark Pewter (Requires 69V Very Dark Pewter Vinyl or 69C Very Dark Pewter Cloth)
Seat trim, vinyl, Very Dark Pewter
Brake system, hydraulic, split - with 4-channel ABS
Air bags, Supplemental Inflatable Restraints not included
Daytime running lamps
12' Box

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